Art Deco is a community driven NFT & DeFi platform powered by our utility token ARTDECO.

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco is a community driven NFT & DeFi platform powered by our utility token ARTDECO. The ecosystem embodies a decentralized NFT Minting Platform (Still Under development) where you can turn your works of art and collectibles into #NFTs, and also a decentralized Marketplace where you can sell your NFTs and a social media platform where you can connect with fellow art lovers from all over the world on the online marketplace built on blockchain technology.


The ARTDECO project started in May 2021 Inspired by Elon Musk’s Love For ARTDECO.

What Makes Our Platform Different?


Digital creation is the ability to design and/or create new digital artifacts and materials


We are on a mission to Bridge the Gap by educating and sensitizing art creators on the need to adopt this new Rave of the Moment.


You can buy ARTDECO On Bakeryswap With BUSD by following the steps below:

ARTDECO Tokenomics

Do you wonder how many $ARTDECO tokens there will be or how our team is using the funds? Here is All you need to know about the ARTDECO token

  • CIRCULATING SUPPLY: 500,000,000
  • Public Sale Price: $0.0003
  • Listing Price: 10% Increase On Public Sale Price

Public Sale 10%

NFT Marketplace & Royalty Rewards: 30% shall be post-listing, then unlocked as NFTs are minted on our NFT Dapp

  • 23% Marketing & business development tokens 50% For 6 Months Upon listing, 10 percent unlocked every three months
  • 20% liquidity tokens On Unicrypt For 500 Days
  • 7% team & advisory tokens for 1 year, then 5% unlocked Every 60 Days
  • 3% ARTDECO Foundation: To empower digital creators through our NFT Launchpad.


How the funding will be used

  • Marketing actions such as partnerships, awareness and go-to market strategy will account for 15% of the total funds raised
  • Legal and Accountancy will represent 5% of the total funds raised
  • 35% of funds will be used to provide liquidity to exchanges


Q2 2021.

  • Website Development & Communication Channels Setup
  • NFT Marketplace UI Design Concept (leaderboard/social system for top creators and collectors).
  • ArtDeco Airdrop & ANN
  • Public Sale On Bounce Finance
  • Exchange Listing (Pancake Swap)
  • ArtDeco NFT Minting Dapp Alpha Testing
  • Partnership with other Binance Projects to encourage network growth
  • Influencer marketing campaigns
  • Build infrastructure and APIs (like OpenSea) to aggregator all NFT listings
  • Paid media campaign to attract celebrities and other influential artists to the platform
  • Exchange Listing (Bitmart & Whitebit)
  • ARTDECO NFT Marketplace Public Beta Testing
  • Governance & Voting On ARTDECO Dapp Features By Token Holders
  • Submission for certik audit
  • AMA’s In Multiple Investor Channels
  • Additional DeFi functionality built natively on the ARTDECO platform to encourage additional liquidity and price discovery for BSC NFTs
  • Build ARTDECO analytics functionality
  • More Types of Content (3D and AR)



The goal of ARTDECO is to become the leading NFT minting Dapp and marketplace on the BSC ecosystem. We believe by aligning incentive of the community, creators and token holders we can grow a healthy and vibrant marketplace for NFTs to challenge the traditional dominance of art marketplaces.

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